“The Jerusalem Assassin” — new thriller about an American-Israeli-Saudi peace summit and plot to blow it up — hits #10 on the Wall Street Journal best-seller list.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — More good news on the novel front: The Jerusalem Assassin just hit the Wall Street Journal hardcover fiction best-seller list this week at #10.


This comes after hitting two other lists last week.

Once again, let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of my readers in the U.S., Canada and around the world — not only for buying and enjoying this new one but for reviewing and promoting The Jerusalem Assassin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and so  many other forms of social media. I couldn’t be more grateful for all this word of mouth, especially since the coronavirus scuttled the book tour.

God bless you guys — stay safe and healthy!




What does the Bible teach about pestilence, plagues & global pandemics? So many are asking that The Joshua Fund and I have published a fact sheet for pastors, ministry leaders, lay people and the media. Feel free to quote and share.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — As the global coronavirus pandemic worsens, and fear and confusion grow, I’m being asked by pastors, ministry leaders, radio and TV hosts, and journalists around the world what the Bible teaches on the subject of pestilence and plagues, and whether they factor at all into future prophecy.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been studying these issues carefully, and consulting with senior pastors, theologians and seminary professors whose insights and expertise I trust.

Now, my colleagues at The Joshua Fund and I have published a 12-page fact sheet. We hope that you will find it helpful as you study the Scriptures, teach Bible studies, prepare sermons, and discuss such matters with family and friends. Please feel free to quote and share the link and information with others.

  • The fact sheet is available on The Joshua Fund website by clicking here.
  • You can directly download the PDF document (for free) by clicking here. 

For those of you who are not familiar with our work, The Joshua Fund is a non-profit educational and charitable organization that my wife, Lynn, and I founded in 2006 to mobilize Christians to bless Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12:1-3.

As part of its mission, The Joshua Fund seeks to educate the Church and all those who are interested about God’s plan and purpose for Israel and the nations, the purpose and power of Bible prophecy, and the relevance of the Bible to the people of the Middle East and to all people around the world. 

Our team of Evangelicals loves Jews, Arabs and all other ethnic and religious groups in the region. One of our projects is providing food and humanitarian relief on a monthly basis to thousands of Israelis and Palestinians who are needy, widows, single mothers, Holocaust survivors, refugees and other families struggling to make ends meet. This work is especially needed right now as so many in our part of the world are in partial or full lockdown.

To learn more about this ministry, please visit our website at


“The Jerusalem Assassin” hits #6 on Publishers Weekly hardcover fiction bestseller list. Also hits USA Today list at #13. Here’s the latest.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — Despite the cancelation of the book tour, I’m thrilled to announce that The Jerusalem Assassin has hit two major national best-seller lists in the U.S. this week.

Unfortunately, we did not hit the New York Times List. Not sure how that’s possible given the strong sales and high ranking on the other lists. But c’est la vie.

That said, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of my readers in the U.S., Canada and around the world. My team and I are incredibly grateful that you purchased the new novel and that you’ve liked it so much.

On behalf of our entire publishing and PR team, we’re also grateful for everyone who has been write about and reviewing The Jerusalem Assassin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other forms of social media. They e been fun to read. Please don’t stop — and please encourage your family and friends to buy and read and review this thriller during this crazy global lockdown!

More interesting news to announce next week. But for now on this lovely Friday afternoon — as I continue my quarantine here in Jerusalem — Shabbat Shalom.



BOMBSHELL: Emergency unity government suddenly forming in Israel. In shock move, Gantz to serve as Foreign Minister for 18 months, then become Prime Minister. Netanyahu then to step down. Blue & White Party breaking up in fierce disagreement. Here’s the latest.


(Jerusalem, Israel) — The coronavirus pandemic appears to be accomplishing something that three elections couldn’t. It’s forcing Israel’s long-deadlocked party leaders to put the well-being of the nation ahead of their own political fortunes.

More than 2,500 Israelis now have the virus. Eight have died. Decisive action is needed to save lives and our economy.

Like most Israelis, I’ve been calling for months for a unity government. It now appears to be at hand. But it‘s a bombshell story — almost entirely unexpected by most Israelis — and events are fast-moving and updating almost minute by minute.

Here’s what we now so far:

  • Netanyahu and Gantz are creating an emergency unity government, in a deal apparently brokered by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin. 
  • Gantz was just elected as Speaker of the Knesset, winning 74 votes in favor, 18 were opposed, and the rest abstained.
  • But this is only temporary — once the full agreement is finalized and signed, Gantz will become Foreign Minister for 18 months.
  • Netanyahu will serve as Prime Minister for 18 more months.
  • Then, Gantz will become the Prime Minister.
  • It’s not clear at this hour what happens to Netanyahu at that point.
  • Upset with this move, two of Gantz’s key allies — Yair Lapid and Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon — have rejected the Gantz move.
  • The Blue & White Party is now breaking up.
  • Gantz’s team are expected to get the major Cabinet portfolios, including the Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Justice Ministry and the Economic Ministry.
  • These are enormous concessions by Netanyahu and the Likud.
  • In his first speech after being elected Knesset speaker, Benny Gantz says “democracy has won,” the Times of Israel reported. Gantz says he was chosen “to unify the people and not divide.” Gantz added: “I promise to all Israelis to do the right thing at this time. The Knesset will work for the people and citizens — all of them.”
  • Not clear yet: what happens when Netanyahu goes on trial. 



“The Jerusalem Assassin” book tour was scuttled. I’m now back in Jerusalem in quarantine for 14 days. Here’s what that really means and what I’m doing with my time.

(Jerusalem, Israel) — The Israeli Foreign Ministry is urging all Israelis to come home ASAP or risk all flights being canceled and the doors to the country being closed indefinitely.

So, after several weeks in the States, I flew back to Israel and arrived Sunday afternoon. Thanks so much to the amazing pilots and crew of United Airlines who got us back safe & sound!

Obviously, The Jerusalem Assassin book tour had to be scrapped. (That said, I do hope you’ll buy, read and post your review of my new novel. You can download the e-book reader on a Kindle, Nook or iPad, or download the audio version directly to your phone.)

Now that I’m home, I’ve had to enter a 14-day quarantine period. I thought that meant just staying home in our apartment here in Jerusalem with my family. Didn’t sound so bad. My wife, Lynn, however, informed me just before I got back on the plane what was actually in store for me.

She said that she and one of our sons would drive both of our cars to the airport. They would leave the keys to my car on the front seat and wave to me from the other car. I would not be allowed to hug them, or kiss them. Then, wearing a protective mask and plastic gloves, I would follow them back up to Jerusalem.

When we got home, I would have to proceed directly through our apartment without stopping, heading straight for the master bedroom, and locking myself in for 14 straight days. Lynn said she had cleared out all of her things from our room, and was moving into our guest room. She was giving me the master bedroom since it’s the only one in our small apartment that has an adjoining bathroom.

Every day, she or our sons set meals and bottles of water, and occasional mugs of coffee outside my door. They knock and back away. I can open my door just enough to get the food and drinks, then quickly shut it again. Crazy, but true. Here’s a photo of me goofing around with my family, they in the backyard of our garden-level flat, and me looking through the barred-window of our bedroom.

I’ve just begun Day #3, so I’ve got a long ways to go. Still, I’m very grateful to the Lord and my family for taking care of me. So far, I’m healthy and peaceful. I can study the Bible and pray for so many family, friends, leaders and all of you. I’m doing radio and print interviews by phone and Skype, doing conference calls and Zoom meetings, posting on social media and keeping track of the latest news. Not terrible.

And while I’m deeply grateful for your prayers, please pray especially for all the Israelis and Palestinians who are elderly and infirm, poor, shut-ins, single parents, and even single young people who have little or no human contact these days, have lost their jobs or are about to, and are growing worried about their future.


By God’s grace, The Joshua Fund ministry that Lynn and I founded in 2006 is delivering food, other practical supplies and encouragement to thousands of such people in Israel and the West Bank — and this work is more important than ever.

Unemployment here has shot up from 4% to nearly 20% in just a matter of weeks. About 500,000 people have applied for unemployment benefits just in March. The number of corona cases has shot past 1,600. Two Israelis have now died. And just like in many countries, anxiety — even fear — is mounting. These are the folks who really need our love, prayers and practical assistance.

May the Lord keep you and your family healthy and safe. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep you posted on the latest news and trends via this blog, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s pray this is all over soon.


Are the Saudis getting ready to make peace with Israel? Here’s what I’m telling reporters as they interview me about #TheJerusalemAssassin.


(West Palm Beach, Florida) — As you might have guessed, the book tour has unraveled. I was supposed to speak in Florida tonight and tomorrow but all events have, of course, been canceled.

That said, I’m doing TV and radio interviews about The Jerusalem Assassin, as well as about the coronavirus pandemic and its implications for the US, Israel and the Mideast.

A central theme of the novel: Are the leaders of Saudi Arabia getting ready to make peace with Israel, and if so, what might that peace process look like, and what new dangers might that set into motion?

Here are links to a few of the interviews. I hope you’ll take a look to get my answers. Then, as you read the book, please post your reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, other book sites and all social media. Would love to hear your thoughts — and please keep spreading the word about the book. Thanks so much, and I pray that you and your family stay healthy and safe.





It’s Launch Day — and a former CIA Director says, “The Jerusalem Assassin is Rosenberg’s best thriller yet!” Get yours today and please let me know what you think. (Also, here’s a book tour update.


(Virginia Beach, D.C.) — The Jerusalem Assassin is finally available in hardcover, e-book and audio formats. Please order your copy today online or go to your favorite bookstore!

Also, I’m thrilled to share with you this new endorsement:

“THE JERUSALEM ASSASSIN is Rosenberg’s best thriller yet! Once I started, I couldn’t quit. The way he weaves together highly creative fiction with underlying facts and faith produces dramatic credibility and a rapid pace. The story really gallops across today’s Mideast landscape to stunning finish. A standout winner!” — Porter Goss, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

When I first started writing political thrillers nearly twenty years ago, I never would have imagined a former CIA director reading — much less endorsing — my work. I’m deeply grateful to Porter and hope you enjoy the new book as much as he did.

BOOK TOUR UPDATE: I’m at the CBN News headquarters here in Virginia Beach to appear on a number of programs, including “The 700 Club.” At this point, I’m still planning to speak in Ft. Myers, Florida on Wednesday night, which will be webcast and broadcast on statewide Florida television. Some events on the tour have been postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. Other events are being changed into other webcasts. I’ll also be doing radio, TV, print and online interviews. For all the latest updates, please follow me on Twitter. Thanks, and please stay healthy and safe!


As we face this crisis, the President has asked us to pray. I agree. Let’s humble ourselves and ask the Lord to have mercy on our nation and our world. (Here’s the text of his official proclamation.)


(Washington, D.C.) — As we face this unprecedented global crisis, there is only one person to whom we can turn to protect, heal and save us — the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, our Creator and Redeemer.

In that spirit, I’m grateful that the President of the United States issued a proclamation calling for today be a special day of prayer. Here is his official statement. I hope that you’ll read it and set time individually and as a family to focus on the Lord in prayer.  Nothing could be more important.

In our times of greatest need, Americans have always turned to prayer to help guide us through trials and periods of uncertainty.  As we continue to face the unique challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are unable to gather in their churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other houses of worship.  But in this time we must not cease asking God for added wisdom, comfort, and strength, and we must especially pray for those who have suffered harm or who have lost loved ones.  I ask you to join me in a day of prayer for all people who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and to pray for God’s healing hand to be placed on the people of our Nation.

As your President, I ask you to pray for the health and well-being of your fellow Americans and to remember that no problem is too big for God to handle.  We should all take to heart the holy words found in 1 Peter 5:7:  “Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you.”  Let us pray that all those affected by the virus will feel the presence of our Lord’s protection and love during this time.  With God’s help, we will overcome this threat.

On Friday, I declared a national emergency and took other bold actions to help deploy the full power of the Federal Government to assist with efforts to combat the coronavirus pandemic.  I now encourage all Americans to pray for those on the front lines of the response, especially our Nation’s outstanding medical professionals and public health officials who are working tirelessly to protect all of us from the coronavirus and treat patients who are infected; all of our courageous first responders, National Guard, and dedicated individuals who are working to ensure the health and safety of our communities; and our Federal, State, and local leaders.  We are confident that He will provide them with the wisdom they need to make difficult decisions and take decisive actions to protect Americans all across the country.  As we come to our Father in prayer, we remember the words found in Psalm 91:  “He is my refuge and my fortress:  my God; in him will I trust.”

As we unite in prayer, we are reminded that there is no burden too heavy for God to lift or for this country to bear with His help.  Luke 1:37 promises that “For with God nothing shall be impossible,” and those words are just as true today as they have ever been.  As one Nation under God, we are greater than the hardships we face, and through prayer and acts of compassion and love, we will rise to this challenge and emerge stronger and more united than ever before.  May God bless each of you, and may God bless the United States of America.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim March 15, 2020, as a National Day of Prayer for All Americans Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic and for our National Response Efforts.  I urge Americans of all faiths and religious traditions and backgrounds to offer prayers for all those affected, including people who have suffered harm or lost loved ones.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of March, in the year of our Lord two thousand twenty, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and forty-fourth.


“Your new book is so fantastic! Keeps you on the edge of your seat,” says Fox News host Shannon Bream of #TheJerusalemAssassin. Here’s the podcast we just recorded.


(Washington, D.C.) — It was great to be back in-studio with Shannon Bream, host of Fox News Night, to talk about being a novelist, the plot of my new thriller, what might be next after the stalemate in Israeli politics, and more.

“One of my favorite guests, my favorite authors, I get so excited when I get to talk to him, and this time he’s actually on the same continent — Joel Rosenberg is back with us,” Shannon said as the program began. “I want to mention that your new book that’s out is absolutely — as I say for all of yours, it keeps you on the edge of your seat — it is so fantastic!”

That’s very kind, Shannon — thanks so much. May your tribe increase.

Please listen and subscribe to Shannon’s excellent podcast.



What are you reading during the pandemic? After my new thriller, you might take a look at two books on the most consequential and controversial leaders in the history of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

(Washington, D.C.) — With the coronavirus shutting down so many social, cultural and sports events, and entertainment venues, most of us are going to be home for the much of the next month or so. Sad, but true.

We can’t just play board games and watch Netflix and Amazon Prime with the kids all day, right?

Maybe it’s time to read some great books.

You don’t even to need to leave your home to get them — order online and they’ll be delivered to your doorstep. Download them on audio directly to your phone, or as e-books directly to your Nook or Kindle, and get them instantly and for a really low price.

Obviously, you should start with The Jerusalem Assassin. An American President is about roll out his Mideast peace plan and wants to broker a treaty between Israel and Saudi Arabia, when all Hell breaks loose.

It releases on Tuesday in hardcover, ebook and audio. And don’t miss the two others in the Marcus Ryker series — The Kremlin Conspiracy and The Persian Gamble.

That said, let me note two non-fiction books which also deal with Israel and Saudi Arabia that I’m currently reading.

The first is BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE: How Israel’s Most Important Leaders Shaped Its Destiny. It’s by Dennis Ross and Dennis Makovsky, first-rate Mideast experts who have served as senior advisors to several American Presidents.

This is a riveting and must-read account of four of Israel’s most consequential and controversial Prime Ministers. The authors explore how these men made history-changing decisions — and painful compromises — to create, build and protect the Jewish State, and make peace with our Arab neighbors. I’m about a third of the way into it and absolutely love it. Cannot recommend it highly enough.


The second is a book I literally just bought today, MBS: The Rise To Power of Mohammed Bin Salman.Written by Ben Hubbard, a New York Times Mideast foreign correspondent who is currently the bureau chief in Beirut, it’s the first in-depth look at the enormously powerful and equally controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia.

Because I’ve just started it, I can’t say whether I will agree with any or all of it. That said, earlier this year, I was interviewed by Hubbard for his book. We spoke at length — he in Beirut, me in Jerusalem — about the two delegations of Evangelical leaders that I have led to meet with MBS in 2018 and 2019. He asked me many questions about my impressions of the man that so many are talking about but so few have ever met. (see excerpt above)

A friend emailed me this morning and said he “was just reading about you in Ben Hubbard’s book on Mohammed bin Salman.” Thought I’d better go pick a copy and read it for myself.

So, those are a few books I’m focused on right now. Be sure to let me know on social media what you’re reading and why. Thanks.